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How will you put Christmas lights outdoor and light up?

How will you put Christmas lights outdoor and light up?

Some people love to hang outdoor Christmas lights, but some do not like them. It all depends on the choice of lighting. If you are not ready to install outdoor Christmas lights, then it will be time taking and risky task for you. And due to this, you will be unable to get the best decorations outside with these lights. But don't worry, we are here to help you to put outdoor Christmas lights in the best way. Our website has a vast collection of such articles. They will help you to light up your outdoor or any area with Christmas lights. Our post will help you to decorate your home and garden.

Whatever idea is circulating in your mind about these lights, we'll help you. Simple lighting is the easiest way to light up your garden or outdoor area. While now, we have new ways according to the modern era. This post will discuss simple and new ways of outdoor lighting areas. Make your festival beautiful by following our ways of lighting. This video will help to understand the steps.

What will you need to light up outdoor with Christmas lights?

Our list has all the tools and supplies you might need for a Christmas light display outside. How you hang your lights and what kind you use will determine what you use.

You'll need a weatherproof power supply or extension cord for this project. Because of this, mains-powered outdoor Christmas lights are available. If you don't have a power point or don't want cables, you can get battery-powered ones. For help choosing Christmas lights, see our more guides.

You can use gutter hooks or clips for decorating. You'll need light string clips and fixed points to hang string and rope lights. You can stick decorating clips to surfaces made of wood or uPVC, like door frames, gutters, and fascias. For a quick, portable solution, you can attach gutter hooks to the edge of your duct. Ensure that the material you use to fix the lights is strong enough to hold their weight. How many clips or hooks you'll need? I have explained in Step 3.

If you are using lights that plug into the wall, you will need a weatherproof extension cord. Ensure the extension cord can withstand the weather and is safe to leave outside. We recommend a cable reel because they usually have the most extended wire, and you can use it in all weather.

A tape will measure out to determine how far from the power outlet you want to hang the lights.

Batteries, if your lights run on batteries. We recommend rechargeable batteries because they make low trash. If you use rechargeable batteries, you'll need a battery charger.

Real Christmas trees in pots are a great choice if you don't have any greenery in your yard. This tree would work for decorating. They are flexible to move around and last longer than a cut tree during the holiday season.

How will you prepare to hang outdoor Christmas lights?

We have many things to keep in mind before starting the process of hanging lights. The first thing is to check whether they are working or not. The second thing is essential, and that is safety. Please ensure that you are following safety measures while hanging the Christmas lights. 

Step First

Ensure that the lights you have for hanging are suitable for outdoor use. If we have all the lights are waterproof, then it means we are safe. As a result, you will enjoy the festive display for the whole Christmas period. When you are putting lights in shady areas, please ensure safety measures. Keep your lights safe from damaging elements. 

Step Two

Check your lights on the ground whether they are working or not. Plug in the Christmas lights and confirm it before going to the next step. After hanging lights, it's hard to replace or fix faulty bulbs. Thus, we also need to tackle it. You need to check the cables also whether they are perfect or not. If you find them in worn or damaged conditions, replace them with a new one. It is also a sign of unsafety, so do not compromise on safety. 

Step Three

Please check that you have an accessible power socket for the leading powered lights. Do you have an outdoor power supply? If you have then measured the distance from the socket to where you want to hang your lights. It is also essential to check that the cable that comes with the lights is long enough. 

Check the length of the waterproof extension you use to power your lights. Please confirm that this extension is enough to reach where you want to hang the lights. This process is also necessary to suspend the lights. 

Now we will discuss some other essential ways of lighting. 

How will you decorate the outside area of your home with Christmas lights?

From where will you start this process?

There are no hard and fast rules when decorating your home and garden with lights. Create a fantastic atmosphere by lighting outdoor areas like porches and windows. You can also light up other outdoor areas like balconies and walls. You can also give life to the garden by lighting arches, arbors, and summerhouses. We have another fantastic way of mixing up different colors of lights. It will make your outdoor space look beautiful.

First Step

Consider the possible effects of lights before you start the process. If you want a hanging icicle effect in your room, you must light up your door or porch. They will illuminate the door and window frames and give a comfortable look.

Second Step

At regular intervals, attach the gutter hooks or decorating clips to decorating surface. You should put them after every 30 to 50 centimeters (cm). When you have heavier lights, give space to the pins or hooks close together to support the weight. 

How will you calculate the number of clips and hooks you need in this process?

  • Calculating the length of the cable for lights with lightweight bulbs:

String fairy lights, divide the total length of the lead (from the first bulb to the last bulb) by 50 cm. For example, for a 12metre (m) cable, you'd need 24 clips (1200 divided by 50).

  • Calculating the length of the cable for lights with bulbs that have a heavier weight:

Icicle lights or lights with shades divide the total length by 30 cm. For instance, you would need 40 clips for a cable that is 12 meters long (1200 divided by 30).

Third Step

Connect the lights to the outlet, but do not turn them on. You should start from the socket and work your way backward. Then, hook the cable into the decorating clips or gutter hooks. 

Take care not to pull on the cable, and make an effort to keep leads from dangling too loose as much as possible. We want to secure the wire, and you should snug and not pull on the plug socket. It is not only the safer option, but it will also produce more organized results. You should also only attach a single piece of cable to each hook or clip. If you want to hang some lights in the exact location, you should use some fasteners and clips.

Step Four

It is best to move around the area that you are decorating in a slow, methodical way until you reach the end of the lights.

Always use a decorating clip or hook to keep the string from slipping out of its intended location.

Step Five

Now the step is there in which you will need to check whether you have placed the bulbs right or not. Also, check the cables if they are giving good power to the lights. If any areas continue to cause issues, now is the time to go back and make the necessary adjustments. 

Step Six

After the success of the fifth step, we will move forward to the sixth step. When you think there is the proper spacing of your lights on the outside, you are ready to turn on the lights.

How will you store Christmas decorations?

Step One

Document the current state of your Christmas decoration displays with a photo. You may want to recreate it the next time. It may create frustration about how you did this job. Even more so when you think you won't do it again for another year.

First, take pictures of your Christmas tree and other decorated home areas. It will help to check the proper installation of lighting. We have some outdoor decorative things like the mantelpieces and the Christmas table.

Step Two

Once you have decided which of your decorations to keep, you can take them down.

Have you found any damaged pieces of decorations during the holiday season? It would help if you pulled them out. It is because they will look a bit worn next year. If you find this case, you should investigate whether you can recycle it before discarding it.

Consider whether you can continue holiday traditions after the season. In summer, you can hang string lights outside. You could also use it to decorate a fireplace if you prefer.

Consider that you are enjoying your favorite holiday traditions after the holiday. 

When you have finished taking down all your decorations, you will have two categories

  • Those that you will keep and put away for the following year. 
  • And those that you can reuse or recycle.

Step Three

Make a list of everything you put away, such as the tinsel, baubles, and wreaths. You can also count the fun Christmas cushions, funny decorations, and outdoor lights. You won't have to worry about buying the same thing twice the following year. With the help of this list, you'll know what you have. Put some tape on the inside lid of your storage boxes, making it easy to grab when needed.

Make a mental note of any new decorations you will need for the following year and write them down. The process of shopping will become simple as a result. It's possible to replace older pieces, but it could also introduce something new.

Step Four

Create categories for your decorations and store them according to these classifications. It could be because of the room or the color.

We recommend wrapping all ornaments together, from the tree skirt to the star on top. When it's time to decorate the tree again, it will save time. It doesn't mean you should put them all in one box, in any case. Yet, you should keep them together and label them as Christmas tree ornaments.

When you do not have the Christmas Light Storage Set, 

Wrap Christmas lights around cardboard to keep them from getting tangled.

Step five 

Now, all remaining to do is to put the boxes away. (Make sure to exercise extreme caution when using a ladder to reach your loft or attic space). Then begin counting down the days until the following year.


Do you want to protect your baubles and other decorations without much money?

You can cut bubble wrap into squares using Christmas wrapping paper. And then wrap them around the various items one by one. It will keep them safe, but it will also help them. But it's also a great way to reuse the wrapping paper from gifts you've gotten.

Mark the contents of each box's lid with a marker that won't wash off using a permanent pen. In this way, you'll be able to locate all your Christmas decorations in one fell swoop the following year.




To conclude this post, you must prepare for Christmas events if you want to enjoy them. Christmas event is nothing without lighting, so you should choose the best lights. Select the best of the best outdoor decoration. Without preparation, you will not decorate your home with lighting. Moreover, it is also a risky and time-consuming task. So, we should prefer our safety and not compromise on it. There are many steps to put these lights and make your festival better. I have discussed many steps to light up Christmas lights on outdoor areas in this post.


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