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How to hang rope lights without nails on a wall?

How to hang rope lights without nails on a wall?

As the days pass, new trends are coming into the market. People lived a simple life in the past, but now modern people have changed themselves as the era changes. Every day people love to decorate their homes, and they are in search to find new ways of decorating. Decoration without lighting is nothing. So, people prefer different types of lights for decorations. This post will talk about how to hang rope lights without using nails.

Rope lights are a great way to decorate your home with more light. It is because they are simple, inexpensive, and attractive. You don't need nails or screws to hang them on the wall.

There are many techniques to hang these lights without nails. We are going to describe some of them in this post.


First, use tape to mark the spot on the wall where you want your rope light to go.

Make sure there is enough room between the marks for the light to spread. Next, use a stud finder to find the wall studs and mark where they are.

Then, using a hammer and nails or screws, attach the holder for the rope lights to the wall where the marks are. If you're putting them on drywall, be sure to use anchors. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Hang Rope Lights on a Wall Without Nails?

  1. How to Use Sticky Tape:

One way to hang rope lights on a wall is with sticky tape. It's easy to buy and comes in many different shapes and sizes. It's also strong and doesn't need any tools or extra pieces. It's cheap, and you can use it for up to two years.

But you should know that once you put the tape on the wall, you can't take it off without taking some paint with it. So, if you want to take your rope lights down or change them, you will have to do all this again.

  1. Using Velcro Ties:

People who want to hang their lights for a short time should use Velcro ties. They are simple and easy to use, and you can find them at most stores that sell home improvements.

The problem with Velcro ties is that they aren't powerful. Because of this reason, thieves can cut them. They are expensive, and you cannot buy new ones when you take down your rope lights.


  1. How to use a Brick Clip:

Using brick clips is a simple way to hang rope lights on a wall. They don't leave any marks or holes, are very cheap, and you can use them again if you need to take your lights down.

 You can use brick clips only once, and they will likely break if you keep putting up new sets of lights.

  1. Using Hanging Strips with Low Adhesive:

One of the best ways to hang lights on a wall is with strips that don't stick. They are easy to take off without damaging the paint. Moreover, they come in two pieces (one with glue and one without). They also cost less than nails or screws and don't leave any sticky residue.

After this, when you think of turning off your lights, you can pull them down with your hands. There is no need for extra force to break the adhesive strip.

  1. How to use a cable clip:

Another great way to hang lights on walls without nails or screws is with cable clips.

They are easier to use, cheaper, and stronger than brick clips. Besides this, they are available in different sizes and leave no marks or holes. You can use it more than once.

  1. How to use adhesive hooks and clips:

A common way to hang lights is with adhesive hooks and clips. They come in both big and small sizes, and you can use them for different things. Because of this, you don't need any extra pieces or tools. The only bad thing about them is that they damage the paint on your wall when you take them down.

  1. How to Use Plaster Clips:

Plaster clips are small strips of plastic that you melt with a lighter at one end to hold your lights in place. They are simple, easy to use, and have good value. But you can't use it again because there are chances the heat can melt them.

  1. How to use a 3M mounting strip:

One of the best ways to hang lights on a wall is with a 3M mounting strip. We can use it more than once; it doesn't leave behind any residue, is easy to use, and saves money. Also, they don't hurt your paint or make any holes.

Putting a Wall Anchor to Use:

We also use a wall anchor for hanging lights on a wall. It's easy to use, and also you can find it at most stores that sell home improvement items.

There are some positive aspects, but there are also some negative ones. The bad thing about it is that it will damage your paint when you want to take down your lights.

  1. How to use mold strips:

You can hang your rope lights with long screws and small molding strips at an angle. They are easy to install and won't hurt your wall. First, you have to drill holes in the wall to put them up. You can't take them down without making a huge mess and ruining the paint on your wall.

  1. Use Hot Glue Gun:

You could also use a hot glue gun to hang lights. It comes in two parts, and you can buy it at most home improvement stores (the glue stick and the gun that heats it).

Hot glue is strong, doesn't leave marks or holes, and doesn't cost much. But remember that once you put it on your wall, you can't take it off without pulling the paint off.

  1. Use Transparent Tape:

We chose to use clear tape as a way to fix the problem. We chose this solution because it is easy and doesn't need any tools or parts.

You can use it for more than one thing, and it doesn't leave marks, holes, or damage on the paint. The only bad thing about it is that you need a big roll of tape, which can be very expensive.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas.

  • Sand the wall's surface before you begin. It will improve your glue stick so that it will stay put longer.
  • Using a laser level for this project will result in space rope lights across your walls. You will not need to guess where to place them next.
  • If you don't have a laser level, try laying out your rope lights first. Then, you can use the size of the light bulbs to figure out where to put the next.
  • You can control how bright your rope lights are by how close or far apart you put them on the wall. The brightness of each rope light will increase the space between them. But the less room you'll need to occupy given how it will shine. It is easy to believe that there are no crooked rope lights on the wall. It happens when you start at one corner and work your way down.
  • Make sure you press hard on the adhesive strips when you stick them to the wall so that they stick better. Then, when you release your grip, pull your hand away from the strip. You will do it so that it doesn't come off.
  • Suppose you can't do any of these steps or don't want to hang your rope lights on a wall. Then, you can always use a string and some zigzag knots to tie them together. So, they will have more of a holiday feel.
  • If you want to use your lights in a new way, you can buy rope lights that come on a roll. You won't have to worry about hanging them up or tying them together.

What is the main reason for hanging rope lights on a wall?

Anywhere looks great with rope lights. You can use the glowing lights inside and outside, around homes and businesses.

They are a great way to draw attention to trees or other plants during the summer. Besides this, you can also use it to light up a backyard party or an event space.

A cheap and easy way to add lights inside or outside is to hang rope lights on a wall. There are many different lengths of rope lights, and you can connect them.

So, there is no need to leave much space to make a tremendous glowing light display. This display will make your home or business stand out.

How to Hang Rope Lights on a Wall Without Making These Mistakes

  • Cover an area with a few or not enough lights.
  • Hang the rope light along one side of a wall, leaving a clear gap in the lighting effect on the other side.
  • Cut and drain-taping down extra wire instead of routing and clipping it down.
  • Put lights too close together, making a line of uneven light.
  • Attach the rope light with nails or staple guns.
  • Not fasten the rope light well enough.
  • You can hang rope lights down over time because of insufficient mounting clips. There are chances that you put them loose.

Wall Safety and Rope Lights:

We have mentioned that nailing or screwing into a stud is usually safe. We recommend taking care when choosing where to hang anything with electricity. We should take care when you put these lights in bathrooms and hallways.

But if you want to hang rope lights on your wall, check the following spots for studs before you start drilling.

  • First, look at where you have attached the power cord to the back of the light. A small label on a power cord will state where you should hang the lights when you have a power cord. If you can't read it or there isn't one, look at the box the light set came in. It should have this information.
  • Second, attach the wire to an existing power source. After this, look at the connection between the wire and the object. Most of these systems will have a standard power outlet.
  • Last, if your lights run on batteries, there will be a volume knob on the light string. As a result, it will show how much power there is. It is often helpful when put outside because you can turn it down. Keep it out of the weather when you're not using it to keep the batteries from dying soon.


How do you hang rope lights without damaging the walls?

Without holes, it's hard to hang things on your walls. Using rope lights to decorate your home might seem like a good idea. But if you don't know how to stand them up, they can leave marks and holes you don't want.


There are alternatives if you don't want to use nails or staples to hang rope lights. But we have used zip ties and Velcro strips in this design.

Zip ties are thin strips of plastic with teeth on one end. You can use a zip tool to close the teeth and tighten the tie around almost anything, like rope lights or walls.

The idea behind Velcro strips is the same as that behind zip ties. But you can stick them together without a tool by rubbing them together.

You can affix the Velcro strips to the wall and the rope light to position them in suitable locations. You can also pull them apart if you need to take the lights down or move them.

Read this entire blog post if you want to learn more about how to hang rope lights on a wall without nails.



We have used simple steps to hang rope lights on a wall without nails. It would be best if you had some Command Hooks and wire hangers. First, use a pencil to mark the studs on your wall. Then, at each spot you marked, use the hooks to hang the clothes hangers on the wall.Hang the rope lights on the hangers, ensure they are tight against the wall, and enjoy your new light show! This blog post should have helped you figure out how to hang rope lights on a wall without nails.



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