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How will you hang string lights in the backyard? 

How will you hang string lights in the backyard? 

How will you hang string lights in the backyard? 

The season for which people are waiting is coming, the season of summer. During this season, people have plenty of time to spend in the backyard. Nothing can replace the charm of the backyard, like backyard lighting. We spend our free time in the backyard and have barbecues and morning coffee there.

People decorate these places because they want to make the backyard time special. These lights provide an inviting ambiance for your family and friends to enjoy. 

String lights are the best alternative solution for floodlights and other lamps. They will create a stunning living space that looks like it came out of a landscaping magazine. String lights are a cost-effective way to add an elegant touch to our backyard. These lights can turn any drab backyard into a beautiful fairy-tale-like domain. They may be perfect for personal date nights and large gatherings.



Now the question arises, how will you hang backyard string lights? There are many ways to string the lights in the backyard. In this post, we have covered some ways but feel free to contact us for more exciting ways. The next question is what type of string lights are best for our backyard. We cannot ignore the significance of safety while installing string lights. Please keep visiting our website for more creative ideas on hanging backyard lighting.

What essential tools will you use to hang outdoor string lights? 

Anything whenever you want to install, you need some tools to install. In the same way, we will need some equipment to hang string lights in the backyard. Selecting a suitable patio is only a half battle; you'll also need proper planning and tools.

Following are the tools that will help to hang the string lights:

These primary tools will help you according to the type of lights you choose. In some lights, we only use two or three apparatus, but in others, we use all. We may also need some more tools according to the string lights requirements. Please watch this video before hanging it.

How to hang small patio lights in the backyard?

Having smaller patio lights, you are wondering how to hang them. Don't worry; we are here to help you. It is not difficult, but we need some tools and tips. You will need some small finish nails or clips if you have small patio lights for your backyard.

There are many variations of outdoor string lights; they come in various sizes and shapes. You can find anything of lighting on our website because our motive is to ease you in every aspect. 

Suppose we have LED rope lights, and they are the most lightweight. But even standard glove bulb lights do not need much hardware.



The G30 bulbs in the smallest ones are about 30 millimeters across. Not only are they light, but they are also easy to move or move around in the winter.

In these situations, finishing nails are a good choice. With a few taps of the hammer, you can turn the nail at an angle and drape the lights over it. You can even add some zip ties to make it even safer.

How will you hang string lights without using nails?

Don't worry if you don't want to put holes and other marks in your house. We can use hooks with a sticky back.

There are many adhesive-based outdoor hooks we choose according to requirements. The best adhesives can hold together in a wide range of temperatures and rough weather. But if you need to take them off, they don't leave any marks.

If you don't want to use nails, ensure the hooks can hold the lights' weight.

What is the use of Screw Eyes?

The best way to hang most decorative string lights is with screw eyes. These fasteners are many different sizes, and they are easy to find.

We can thread one side of a screw eye with the outside, like a regular screw. On the other end, a looped hoop is excellent for holding string lights.

You might also find cup hooks or open screw hooks. Those also work well!

How do you hang heavy lights?

The great thing about screw eyes is that you can find one that fits your needs. Have lights on strings that are much heavier than most Christmas lights? If so, choose a thicker screw eye.

Pay attention to the shank's diameter. The more weight it can hold, the thicker it is. One with a half-inch diameter can take a straight pull of 2,500 pounds. Since the weight limit for hanging lights is different, that's more than enough for most uses.

How will you use wire and clips?

Want to know how to put lights all over your backyard? The trick is to use an extra wire to lead the way!

You will connect string lights with metal cords, which are what these wires are. There are many gauges to choose from, so it shouldn't be hard to find one that works with your lighting design. Once you find it, you cut the wire to the right length, connect it to your screw eyes, and hang your lights on it.

You might also need turnbuckles to adjust the tension, clamps to hold the ends in place, and clips to hang the light. But this setup will give the highest level of safety.

How will you use wire to hang string lights?

Outdoor string lights can be 10 feet long or 400 feet long. You will not need a support wire for shorter runs. But if you're going more than 100 feet, you need extra support.

The goal of a guide is to take away stress. It can make your string lights last longer and keep the original cord from getting torn. On runs of less than 100 feet, you might even want to put in a guide wire. Being careful doesn't hurt.

Where is it possible to hang up string lights?

How do you hang lights on a string? After picking out your lights and all the supplies you need, move to the next step. The next step is to figure out how you want to hang these lights and where.

This part will need some planning, so grab a sketchbook and go outside. Look at your room and try to picture where you want your lights to go. Draw a top-down view, then set up the lights to match.

Look for places where you could get stuck. You can hang your lights from different things, like natural structures or others. Here are some ideas for patio string lights to get your mind going.



Take advantage of the Branches of big trees.

Why not take advantage of what Mother Nature has given you? If you have big trees, they make great places to hang things. String lights look natural when you string them from trees. As a result, you don't have to worry about complicated setups.

Find a strong branch and wrap your lights around it. Please use the tree as a natural support structure and build your outdoor space around it. You could try putting a table or hammock under it for a fun night under the stars. You could not imagine how wonderful the scene you are going to build.

How will you use fence posts to hang string lights?

How do you hang lights when there are no trees? First, fix your fence!

Fence posts are excellent support structures that you can use to hang almost any light. Putting a few nails or eyes in your fence post isn't a big deal compared to the side of your house or roof eaves.

You can use the posts as anchors to weave taller fences across your yard. You can also hang the lights across the wall by putting finishing nails on the top of each post. It's a beautiful look either way!

Arbors and teepees

Many people are already having these arbors and trellises in their backyards. They provide a beautiful look. Moreover, they are easy to put up. You might use an arbor as a way to get into your garden or have trellises for plants that grow up.

Use them to your advantage, no matter what! Design your building as it can stand by itself, so you may not need hardware to hang your lights. But even if you do, the wooden design makes it easy to keep the lights in place.

Outdoor Furniture

If nothing else works in this process, you can use outdoor furniture as a hanger point. This choice of design works best for short-term situations.

It is the best way to do this with Christmas light clips or hooks with sticky backs. Use patio chairs and tables to make a big impression and stabilize things.

Gazebos and Pergolas

What could be more romantic and welcoming than the backyard lighting? Use the pergola or gazebo you already have to make a work of light art!

It's easy to learn how to hang string lights on gazebos and pergolas, and there are many different ways to do it. Before draping them on the ceiling, you can string the lights from the walls or posts. You can try out different ways to hang things to see what works best with your structure. Try new things!

How do you hang string lights from the ceiling? Again, screw eyes and finishing nails will work. Because the space isn't vast, you don't need to use large equipment. Smaller pieces do the job and are subtle enough to blend in.

Railings for Outdoor Stairs

There are many things you can do with stair rails. Wrap the lights around the structure or use screw eyes to hang them below the railing.

Learn something new from the construction of your railing. For example, you can hang the lights outside to make the glow softer and less bright. When you cover whole sections with string lights, they will look like icicles. It will also look like a fairy-tale. You have a choice to put the lights as you want.


Put the Pole Down

The old-fashioned pole is finally in the ground! If you want the most freedom, this is the best choice.

It's easy to use structures that already exist. But they make it hard to plan how your lightscape will look. Please use light string poles. You can use different designs, like the V pattern, the Horizon Point, the Tent Point, and more. 

You can put up poles in many different ways. Here's your chance to show off your DIY skills! Some people like to put up wooden poles that stay there. Some people want temporary solutions with strong umbrella bases! Concrete and metal poles are other solutions that will last longer. Try a 10-foot piece of EMT conduit, dig a hole deep enough to account for your frost line, and fill it with concrete. It gives you a perfect place to hang your lights.

No matter which way you go, think about the look you want and make a plan before you do anything. Placement is important, so please follow the right decision where you want to put your poles.

What are some crucial tips for Hanging String Lights?

How you decide to string lights outside comes down to your creativity and yard size. What works for your neighbor might not be what you should do.

Plan out your lighting ahead of time. Visit the space during the day, measure it, and draw a picture of what you want to see. Lighting is a big part of the design, and how you hang string lights will make or break your space.

Remember to think about how you want to use the lights. Will you take them down when the weather gets bad, or will they stay up all year? The fasteners you use and the type of lights you buy depend on these small details.



With string lights, you can turn your backyard better. Now think about the placement and design of the lights. It is necessary because, without any plan, you are not successful in this process. In this post, we have discussed the main aspects of stringing the lights in the backyard. If you need more articles on lighting, please visit our website. You can also come to our lighting store and buy whatever you want. We will provide you with everything you need for this project.







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