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How will you hang string lights in the backyard without trees?

How will you hang string lights in the backyard without trees?

Putting string lights in your yard is easy to add a little magic to your yard. Putting string lights up is easy, but they can make a big difference in the look and feel of your yard. A popular way to hang string lights is to use trees. There are still many ways to get the job done without trees. We'll show you how to hang string lights in your yard without trees, and we'll also give you some other tips and tricks. See what I mean in the image below.


Bright greenery with string lights

If your backyard lacks trees but contains bushes or other greenery, you can hang them there.

To achieve the best results, keep the lights on the bushes as high as possible. If they are too close to the ground, they may appear awkward.

Indeed, you can hang your lights from various fixtures throughout your yard. They may include trellises and planters. Remember that this is your yard, and you may decorate it as you want.

After completing the process, remove the lights if the layout appears strange to you. It is best to begin decorating in a different way to achieve the look you desire!

These artificial flower lights will do the trick if you can't keep flowers or plants alive. When the sun sets, the lights come on, and they are colorful artificial flowers during the day. The best part is that they are completely water-free.


String Lights for Your Deck or Patio from Your Umbrella

It's easy to put strings of lights on the patio umbrella with cable ties. It looks better when it is open with string lights.

Please make sure the lights are set up so that you can close the umbrella and not damage them.

Outdoor LED string lights are available in two varieties: battery-operated and plugged-in.


The battery-operated models use AA batteries stored in a sealed battery box. It means there is no need for an electrical outlet. We can use a remote to turn the light on and off. Check to make sure that your battery box is visible, and don't hide it from the remote signal.

It has a light on its pole. Battery-powered patio umbrella pole lights are easy to set up and don't take long.

You put it on your umbrella pole and push it down. This way, you can make a patio umbrella look a little bit brighter, or you can make a patio table brighter.

The best way to get more light is to get a private patio umbrella with lights. You can charge the umbrella lights with the sun. There is usually a small solar panel right on top of the canvas. You should put the lights in direct sunlight for 6-7 hours to charge the lights. As soon as the wind picks up, it's easy to roll the umbrella down.


You should buy the base apart from the umbrella itself when purchasing an umbrella.

  1. Hang lights from a homemade post.

A simple DIY post can help you hang string lights in your yard without trees. You can liven up your yard with both lights and plants if you choose this. I know it looks hard, but it will go by faster than you think. Plus, you can kick back and relax in your new yard when you're done.


Do you know what you will need for it?

Here are the things that we need:

  • Six planters
  • Spray paint in the color of your choice.
  • Drop cloth
  • Six 2" x 2" x 8’ posts
  • The color of complementary paint is optional.
  • Painter's tape
  • 6 cup hooks.
  • Four 50 lb. bags of concrete mix
  • Water
  • Stir stick
  • Level
  • Drainage material, such as gravel
  • Potting soil
  • Plants
  • One hundred feet of outdoor string lights.



It's time to paint the planters and the posts.

Clean the planters with a damp cloth and let them dry before putting them away. It would be best if you painted them all over. Keep applying more layers of paint until you get full coverage. Afterward, turn the planters around and paint the inside of the rims.

Mask off the last 5 inches of the post with painters' tape and paint one end. Mask again and attach the end of the painted part, leaving about 1 inch of the band.

Paint the rest of the band with the same color as the painter's tape, let it dry, and peel it off. There should be a cup hook in the middle of each post where the two colors meet.


Use concrete to fill the planter.

We should place the post inside each planter with the unpainted end facing you in the middle. Then, spread the dry concrete mix over the planters and spread it out. Use a stick to stir the water until it's well mixed.

Use a level to make the post level on one side. You can use painter's tape on both sides of the post to keep it in place. When the concrete is level, and the post is in place, follow the instructions and let the concrete harden as it says.

Addition of plants.

Then, after putting the concrete, add about 3 inches of drainage material, like gravel. Top the drainage material with potting soil, then pack it down, so it doesn't move around too much.

Now you can add as many plants as you want! Keep in mind where you will set the posts. It would be best to remember which plants you will use when you choose them.

Check out this article to determine which plants work best in a shady area like your backyard! 


Hang the Lights

Arrange the planters in a rectangle shape, leaving a distance of 10 ft between each.

You should attach one end of the string lights to one of the cup hooks. If there is no hook, you could also use cable ties or twist ties. String the lights in a pattern around your planters.

After drawing a rectangle for the string lights, start zigzagging them from side to side. Start by laying the lights on the ground beneath the rectangle to get a sense of their placement.

As with the beginning of the light string, secure the other end of the cup hook. Finally, connect an outdoor extension cord to an outlet and enjoy!



  1. Putting Lights on the Fence

If you want to hang string lights in your yard but there are no trees, but you have a fence, you're in luck! You can use a wall instead of trees to hang the string lights.

A quick and simple way to add some outdoor lighting to your yard is to hang string lights from your fence. It is a very easy process. You can do this with very few materials if you have a fence.


You will need the following materials to put lights on the fence:

  • A fence to hang string lights on
  • String lights
  • Support posts
  • Paint is optional.
  • Mounting hooks made of metal
  • Hammers
  • Nails 




The First Step is to Arrange the String Lights.

It would be best to start by determining the location of your lights' power source. You may need an outdoor extension cord for a power source. When arranging your lights, keep the location of the power source in mind. It is necessary to set the string lights.

Lay your string lights along the outside of the fence to determine the length. Moreover, you'll need to identify where you will ask for support posts. A friend or family member could hold one end while you hold the other. You can see exactly how they'll appear once they're hung.



Choose a wooden post for the second step.

To hold the string lights up, you'll need some wooden posts. The lights you choose will help keep them safe from the weather. You should buy posts of the same length, size, and shape. You have many options for painting the posts. Thus, you can paint the posts in any color of your choice. 



  1. String Lights Suspended from a Metal Pole

The first option is labor-intensive but well worth it if you want string lights in your backyard.

A benefit of this option is its resilience. It makes no difference whether you have a small or a large area for your lights. You have to take the necessary measurements and position the poles as desired!



You will need the following tools for this setup.

  • Hacksaw
  • Drill
  • Paintbrush
  • Concrete forms
  • Concrete
  • PVC pipe 1" in diameter
  • 3/4-inch conduit
  • 3/4-inch end cap
  • Eyelet screw
  • Nut
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • String lights
  • Zip ties



In the first step, pour concrete.

Put concrete forms on the ground at each corner of your backyard. It is where you will put the light supports and hang your string lights. Set the forms deep so that they are below the frost line.

 We should put a piece of 1-inch PVC pipe in the middle. Then, fill the concrete around the pipe.



Cut the pipes in the second step.

Cut the 3/4-inch pipe to the desired height for your lights. You can also use a hacksaw to cut to the height of the PVC pipe in the ground.


Drill Holes in Step Three

Screw a 3/4-inch cap onto the conduit's end. Below, drill a 1-inch hole and insert a screw eye through it. It will be the location of the string lights. Once the process is complete, secure it with a nut.


It is the fourth step. Finish the poles.

Before you paint your pole, make sure it's ready for the next step. Take care to make sure the concrete is completely dry, and then feed the pole into the PVC pipe in the concrete. Do this until the concrete is completely dry.


Connect the Lights in Step Five. 

Once you're done with all the above steps, it's time to attach your string lights! You can use zip ties to connect your lights to the screw eye.

It is best to paint the zip tie to match the color of the pole and hook.



  1. Suspend string lights from your patio's ceiling.

There are several ways to hang string lights in your yard without trees. We have one more option for you!

Putting lights on the ceiling is not for weddings in the garden. You can add string lights to the ceiling of your patio. It's easy and looks great when you're done.



What You'll Need:

  • String lights
  • Hooks
  • pole or post, but they are optional.
  • Optional bucket or planter
  • Optional heavy gravel



Do a Search for Pre-existing Resources?

With this option, there are a lot of different patterns you can choose from them. You could select one point on your patio where many light strands will reach out to other things. If your backyard is in natural shape, take note of that.

As you go through the process, think about what you want the result. There isn't a bad way to do it.

Check to see if any places on your patio ceiling are strong enough to hold your lights. Then, with tape, mark where you'll hang your lights.

Before you do that, look for places where you can connect the lights from your patio ceiling. It doesn't matter if there aren't many options for making your supports in your backyard. Later, we'll talk about another way to make them.

Below are some examples that make good support for lights:

  • Roof
  • Deck
  • Railing
  • Fence
  • Your residence's eaves

Once you decide where to put your lights, think about how you'd hang them. You want to make sure that the strands will be able to reach from one point to another.



Two: Decide where you're going to make your support.

You might find that there are some places where you can mount your lights. But there are some places where there isn't enough support. When you want to hang lights, you can make your supports to do it.

You can use tape to mark where you'll be making your supports.



Three: Locate posts or poles from which to hang your lights.

The posts you choose for hanging lights must be tall enough for everyone to walk under or sit. Choose poles or posts with this in mind.

Many metal poles are stronger. You can use wooden posts if that doesn't look good in your yard. If you want to make them look better, you can use paint or other decorative items.



 Four: Use a bucket and a lot of heavy gravel to hold the post in place.

Do you want to make your support like option one and option three above? As shown above, you can use posts and buckets or planters. Heavy gravel can hold plants in place if you don't want to mess with concrete and plants. You should follow these steps.

  • Put the buckets or planters around the outside of the area where you want to hang your lights.
  • Keep heavy planters of gravel out of your way by arranging your posts to make sense.
  • After choosing, you can put the post in the planter to get the desired look.
  • It would be best to fill the bucket or planter with gravel when everything else is in place. Make sure the post is strong before you add lights.



The fifth step is to add hooks.

Once you figure out the general layout of your room, you're almost ready to hang the lights.


  • You should add hooks to the poles or posts that you found earlier and the existing supports. Use zip ties if you can't add hooks to the poles.
  • You should figure out where you're going to hang your lights. It will also ensure that you have enough length before hanging the lights.
  • It's important to weave your lights between the poles. You can also connect them to the supports there before as you move along. You should make sure that you hang your lights a little loose so that they can move a little.





When you hang string lights around your yard, you can add a lot of atmosphere. Some people choose trees when hanging string lights in their backyard. But you can also do this without trees. It is a matter of choosing what you choose for events. Some people like outdoor decorations with trees, and some don't. The hanging of your string lights is fun, and you must enjoy it. Like fairy lights, larger bulb strands and smaller light strands will add to the ambiance. We hope this post will help you with how to put string lights in your backyard without trees.




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