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How will you string fairy lights in your bedroom?

How will you string fairy lights in your bedroom?

Peaceful sleep is a common need that every person wants. The question is how can we make it calm; the decoration of your bedroom is necessary in this regard. Decoration of your bedroom without lighting has no worth. So, we will install lights in our bedroom to decorate it. String lights are the best choices for bedroom decorations. This article will discuss perfect ways of installing string lights in the bedroom. You can also browse more articles on our website because we have vast collections.

We string the lights above the headboard to get a whimsical ambiance in the bedroom. Some people decorate the bedroom whenever there is an event, but it depends on you. Your bedroom is not a place of sleep, and it's also a place where you read books, listen to music, and other enjoyment. 

Do you think hanging string lights in the bedroom is childish? 

Some people equate these lights to a childish aesthetic. But I'm afraid I have to disagree because people consider them childlike due to their size. You can prove it wrong with perfect ideas. A comprehensive suggestion will turn your ordinary plan into uncommon.

On another end, we have plenty of examples that prove they are not childish. 


No, is the simple answer. How you style these lights has everything to do with how they look. And if the international lighting company thinks it's a good idea, so do we.

Use fairy lights in a warm white to make your fairy light wall. Kirk claims a few small picture hooks will suffice to hang the lights. After that, use some small pegs to hang the pictures.

How will you string lights and make your bedroom peaceful?

Before installing, we need to suggest the right place for lighting. The next thing is to choose the appropriate lights for your space. You will need a few tools for hanging the string lights. After selecting the right tool, you have to start your process.

Another important thing is your safety. Without safety measures, your lighting decoration is risky. And it would be best if you did not compromise on it. Please watch this video before hanging string lights.

Do fairy lights pose a safety risk?

Fairy lights aren't usually a security risk, but we can't say for sure that they are 100% safe either. They don't use much electricity and aren't often problematic. They don't need much power to work, making them safer than other electronic devices.

Here, it would be best if you were careful not to overload your socket. It means you should try to plug your fairy lights into a socket where they will be the only thing plugged in. Like any other device, fairy lights could cause a short circuit or give you a shock.

Bad installations and wires can make fairy lights break. Electrical problems are rare if you have good wiring and don't overload a socket.

Fairy lights are safe when they come to heat. They use energy in less amount and, thus, don't produce much heat. LEDs are a fine example. But, it doesn't mean they couldn't start a fire.


Fairy lights don't usually pose a fire hazard. But if you leave them near flammable materials, they can catch fire. They could set fires and cause damage.

 It is best to be careful about where and what models of fairy lights are suitable. If you use them less, they will not produce heat.

Leaving them on all day can cause overheating or electrical damage. Most electronics can run at full power, but they should limit their use.

What will you need to start this project? 

You will need the following items:

  • Christmas lights (long drop icicles look good, but you can decide per your decor)


  • If you choose¬†ConnectPro lights, you'll need a starter cable, which you can get from Festive Lights.


  • A hula hoops


  • Cable ties


  • Two ribbons to hang it up with


  • A hook for the ceiling


  1. Put one end of the lights in place first. We used the icicle dropped themselves and tied them around the hoop. We could do this because these icicle lights had strong rubber cables. If your lights aren't as strong, you can use cable ties to keep them in place.
  2. This part can take a while, but it's easy to do. All you have to do is go around the hoop and put the lights in place. Connect your chandelier with a battery or other power sources. Now it ensures the end of the lights with the connection is easy. 
  3. It's time to hang your gorgeous new chandelier with fairy lights! Make a cross over the hoop with two ribbons. You can string your fairy light chandelier from a hook using these ribbons. Now all you have to do is plug in your homemade chandelier, sit back, and enjoy your hard work.
  4. Use ivy to make a forest theme.

Bringing the outside is good for our mental health in many different ways. Houseplants are good for your health, and a green bedroom can also make you feel calm. Themed decorations will help you sleep and relax in a peaceful environment.

You can turn your room into a magical forest with ivy-shaped bedroom lights that run on batteries. It has a wire that is 10 meters long. It will work with any USB port. Now, there's no reason you can't put fairy lights in your forest-themed bedroom.

  1. Upcycle a fairy light chandelier 

Bedroom fairy light ideas don't have to be your only or secondary light source. You can also use them to create a cozier atmosphere in the room. Why not use a hula hoop to make a chandelier-style bedroom ceiling light the primary light source?

Do not change the screens on your devices. You can spin this toy hoop around your hips. It will create a unique and cheap crown of lights that will make your room look bright.

Here, Jenny Hardy shows you how to complete this unusual DIY project. She is the head of digital marketing for Festive Lights. 

Even though the brand name says "Christmas," this isn't for Christmas.

  1. DIY an unusual focal point 

When you cannot afford a new headboard, there must be a question in your mind. That question is how to make a statement in your bedroom without breaking the bank.

We have a unique and cheap bedroom idea to make your bedroom green. You have to pick up some leaves from a nearby forest or park. After picking, secure them to the wall and wrap them with bedroom fairy lights. Now you are confident that you have something unique to show off to your friends. It will surprise your guests.

  1. Make a girl's room look like it has high ceilings 

Moving a toddler out of your room and into their own is not an easy way. But you can make a beautiful big girl's room with the help of fairy lights.

These Cotton Ball LED string lights are a great way to add texture. With these lights, you can make a single bedroom look like it has high ceilings. Hang them along a window sill or across the top of a headboard. If your child is afraid of being alone in the dark, you could also hang them in their room and use them as a nightlight.

They would be great for a magical theme in a child's bedroom. There are so many colors that you'll want a set in every room.

  1. Spruce up a college dorm for teens

Tasker says fairy lights are a great way to brighten those dull dorm rooms.

Twinkling lights and Polaroids can make the best-personalized display for your bedroom.

You need to pin your cards and pictures to your lights to get a perfect look. There is no danger in using LED lights because they don't get too hot. You can leave them all day and night in some cases.

Now make a DIY wall for fairy lights by pinning and draping lights. You can get warm, low-level lighting with battery lights, which also have a handy timer!

  1. Try to get to the stars 

"Make your nights cozier with warm white lights," says Tasker. "After getting dark, it will create a calm atmosphere."  

Stars will make your bedroom beautiful because they look like the sky is full of stars. The shapes give off a warm glow from the inside and outside. Moreover, it will make them the perfect decoration for your room.

You can buy these 40 warm fairy lights from our website and put them in a lantern to make your bedroom sparkle more. With the timer, you can set these lights to turn off on their own while you sleep.

  1. Go for simplistic festoon lights 

Tasker suggests installing festoon lights in a minimalist or modern bedroom. 

They'd look great in a modern studio apartment or strung against a white background. Festoon lights on black cable would look great in a black-and-white bedroom.

Exposed ceiling beams and white shiplap walls give this space an indoor-outdoor feel. We love this feeling because it provides comfort in our bedroom.

  1. Put things of interest near a window

"Hang fairy lights or festoon lights on walls or drape them from ceilings. They are easy to style in your space." Tasker says, "Instead of a table lamp by your bed, use a lantern to add more light."

Thomas Sanderson agrees with Richard Petrie, the head of digital and e-commerce. They say that "fairy lights are a soft and effective way to add subtle lighting to your window." You can drape them around your window frame or on your window sill. They won't get in the way of any window treatments. Either way, they will make your home look better and feel more like home.

  1. Cover the mirror with lights.

Lighting in your bedroom mirror highlights your face and silhouette.

Too warm/yellow makes the room look lethargic; too bright/white looks like a doctor's office. Color temperature also improves Instagram selfies.

These simple bulbs work wonders when applying makeup or zipping up clothing. Together, they provide ambient and task lighting to prepare for work or a party.

  1. Use a cagey gem design to add gothic glam.

A girl's best friend is a diamond. We have the perfect solution if your female relative doesn't like pink and pastels.

This trendy set of cage pendants has one warm white LED inside each one, which gives off a stylish glow. With an optional 6-hour timer, they will light up on their own every night.

They will look even better in a modern or black-and-white bedroom.

  1. Make a bedroom fireplace look beautiful.

If you're lucky enough to have a bedroom with a fireplace, decorate it with colored fairy lights. The fireplace will keep you warmer in the winter and give you more shelf space in the summer.

When you have a mantelpiece of dark color wood or light marble, it will enhance the contrast. The high contrast of these glass bedroom fairy lights from CB2 will make it stand out.

  1. Make a comfortable place to read.

A window seat is a great place to rest, whether you want to read a book, relax, or look out at the city or suburbs. But instead of relying on the lights on your bedroom walls or ceiling, use festoon lights. These lights will make it feel like summer, no matter the weather.

  1. Compliment a wall with color blocks on it.

If your bedroom is a little small, there are two ways to make it stand out without taking up too much space:

  • a bold feature wall made of paint
  • and some small bedroom lighting ideas.¬†

So why not put them together?

This room has a mural with pink and yellow blocks, polka dots, and fairy lights. You can make a "same-same-but-different" scheme by adding soft circular and spherical shapes.

To do this, paint a semicircle or circle on the wall. Afterward, add big pillows, a throw with pom-poms, and a round rug with pom-pom details? Perfect.

  1. Use a curtain light background to add interest.

It can be hard to find the right wall decorations for a bedroom. Your room will still look drab even if you have a shelfie design on the wall next to your bed. Curtain lights are a low-cost way to enhance the ambiance of any room. And if you don't have a headboard, they add a little something extra.

"Bedrooms look great with curtain lights in the background." Hang them from the top string and let them fall to where you want them to sit. Kirk says, "The long lead wire is also great for plugs that are hard to reach."


  At the end of this post, we can say planning is necessary to hang the lights. There are many ways to string the lights in the bedroom. People will choose according to their requirements. We should follow instructions.

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