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how to hang string lights on covered patio

how to hang string lights on covered patio

The world of technology is making progress day by day. Everything in this world is walking at the same pace as the era. When everything is at era speed, how is lighting technology behind? The advancement in technology brings a great revolution to the world. In every field, lighting has great importance. We need lighting from home to office and company to make it attractive. For special events, we need lighting because people want to surprise their guests. We need special lighting at a party because we invite special people at that moment. Thus, we make perfect arrangements for the party. 


Why need to hang string lights on covered patio?

At the party, we decorate the home with outdoor and indoor lighting. As we know, at the party there are many people, so we make arrangements in the backyard. 


A patio is an extra living space where we spend leisure time. You can achieve the perfect light for dining and relaxing. We have two types of decks; covered patios and open patios. In this post, we will discuss the covered patio. The covered patio has a solid roof that provides shade during the daytime. It will also protect us from rain and other factors. In contrast, the open deck has no covered roof. It's a homeowner's choice according to climate change. 

The lights on the patio will give off a soft, warm glow. Because of it, we'll have a cozy and fun night. Our instructions will help you to hang outdoor lights on the covered patio.


How will you cover the patio?

To cover the patio, we have various types of materials. We use shade sails, outdoor fabrics, aluminum, and steel to protect the deck. Some other options are awnings, retractable covers, wrought iron canopies, umbrellas, and pergolas. We can also use some fragrant vines to make it inviting. 


How to hang string lights on a covered patio or deck?

I want to put some beautiful string lights on my covered, screened-in patio. I tried to make our patio an extension of our living space. But I didn't want to spend too much on furniture because I wanted to expand our patio. The length was only 10 feet by 10 feet and wrapped around our house. We need to spend about $20,000 to finish the deck project. To make the hill in our backyard slope, we must pay $10,000 for French drains. For the deck itself, we need another $10,000. Wow, that's a large amount of money.

So, in preparation for that venture, I tried to make the area as comfortable as possible.  did this while waited for our furniture fund to grow in our bank account. I bought a beautiful teak patio set on flamelight for less than $150, but it needs sanding and new cushions.

I needed an easy way to bring the space up to date at a low cost. Help is here in the form of simple, beautiful string lights! It was a simple and elegant way to make our outdoor living space cozier and more inviting.


What things do you need to hang string lights on a covered patio?

  •  string lights 


  • A screwdriver


  • Hooks


  • Silicon


  • Zip Ties


  • Adapter cord


string lights are amazing. They are strong and, because they use little power, they are very cheap. A hole in the drop of the light will help to hang on the patio. You can't go wrong with any of these. They last so long. I like that you can see the "filament" of the lights, even though we use LED lights. It makes them old-fashioned.

How to hang string lights under a covered patio deck, with tips and tricks?

 At first, I wanted the lights to go from one corner to the next at an angle. We already have a fan in the room, so adding another is not affordable. I didn't want a crowded ceiling in our space, so we only put lights around the edges.

But if you have an open space, you might want to look up different ways to hang the lights. We will take an example of lights strung out only from one corner but spread like a fan to the sides.

  • Measure Your Space.

Before you even think about ordering lights, you should measure the space and how you want them to look. It's important to consider how you'll get the lighting to the outlet, especially if you hang the long end. You'll need to measure your space and your first idea to get enough length.

  • Ports Anchor.

Make sure the light strings have places to stay put. Since we were securing it around the edges of our space, it wasn't a big deal.

  • Hooks and silicone 

Do you want to put holes in the outside walkways? For this process, I will recommend placing caulking silicone around the hooks. It will keep the holes and bugs from getting worn down by the weather.

  • Don't put the lights on the wall.

The output of the patio light is low. So, what should we do? We should keep as much heat away from the buildings as possible. We used zip ties and cut them to put on the hooks as a workaround. The zip ties kept the lights from touching the wall by acting as spacers between the pins and the lights. It didn't cost much and worked.Now we will give you some ideas about patio lighting.

  • Build a pergola and string the patio lights.

A covered patio will allow shade during the day. It will also provide structure for gas or electric heaters. It will help to keep the evening breeze. You can hang pendant lighting with pergolas. There are two approaches to outdoor lighting. One way to do this is with things like chandeliers and wall sconces. The second one is for proper task lighting, like recessed cans in a built-in patio cover. It doesn't matter which option you have selected because you can change the mode. The decorative fixture will cast shadows and refracts light on space. It will also create interest for the people. It will provide a beautiful scene when you hang the lights on pergolas. After setting the pergolas, you must string patio lights on them. With the help of an aluminum rod or wooden rod, you can string the lights below the roof of the covered patio.


How will you use the umbrellas as cover for the patios?

We must think about the location before covering the patios. We should keep in mind how and when the sun hits the deck. Your covered patio does not need to be stationary or immovable. It is good if we make a moveable patio and adjust to the sun's light. We can use large canvas umbrellas as an outdoor room for the guests. If the house is small, then this option is best to extend the living space. But if we want to use this patio at night, we should set it near the electric supply. Because at night we will need some lights to enlighten the umbrella. We can use small lights to blink it and make a beautiful scene. 


How will you hang patio lights on the timber frame?

To hang lights on the timber frame is very interesting. In this type of patio, first, hang hangers on which we string the lights. We can string large lights as well as small lights. It all depends on what the homeowner wants for this process. Also, we'll need hooks to ensure the lights are now in place. During the day, it will offer shade and an open area for airflow. But in the evening, we will need light to make it beautiful. If we have arranged a party or family get-together at night, we must make it inviting. We must make the best arrangements from the entrance to the sitting area. And without lighting, our decoration will remain incomplete. Often this type of patio we make in the farmhouse. 


 Can we add a natural effect to the patio?

Natural things always make things more attractive. How can we add it to the patio? Our patio is where we sit to feel relaxed or use it for special events. Our covered patio will look better when we add trees, flowers, or fake bushes that look like bushes. Now the time is to string the lights on the natural elements. When we turn on the lights, the scene is pretty. It will seem as if our trees are emitting light into the room. During the daytime, it will also provide a natural look. According to common knowledge, the color green represents optimism. 



Can we use a staple gun to hang up string lights?

It would be best if you didn't use staple guns to hang string lights. Not only will staples damage the walls of your home, but they could also break the lights. Use a drill to put in hooks and screw eyes, or look for clips and pins made of plastic. They are strong enough to hold up your string lights.


How do you hang Edison lights on a patio deck with a roof over it?

Edison lights are the perfect choice for the covered patios.

 You'll need to drill hooks or screw eyes into the ceiling to hand this light. Next, use silicon to protect against damage from water. Put the lights on the string without the bulbs. Once we string the lights, you can add the bulbs, an extension cord, and a timer. 

What are some common tricks that will help to string the lights on the covered patio?

After buying the patio lights and hanging materials, we have some tips for hanging the lights. Your location matters a lot in this situation. It is because there is a danger if we are providing lights from a long distance. As a result, we need to install lights in the area close to the electric source. Another disadvantage of the long distance is that we need some extra thing, such as an extension. Take the time to measure the length of the chord because if we cut a shorter chord, it will result in a loss. If we have traveled a long distance, we must consider the length of the extension.

For safety, we should use standard-rated bulbs and extensions. Instructions given on the bulbs are necessary. So, we must read them and follow them. It is vital to keep away doorways and walkways from lighting. The best place to put lights is above ground level, with no safety risk. 


Fire Safety Precautions

Outdoor lights are the most useable lights by people. We use them for our outside purpose. When we put lights outside, there is more fire risk because of irregularities. We cannot use them for a long time because they will produce heat that will later convert to fire. Even LED lights that are best among all types of lights can cause a fire if overheated. We know outdoor lights provide a beautiful view of the home and garden. But if we are not careful with how we use them, they will pose a danger to us. Even though some lights are waterproof, we shouldn't use them near water. They are still dangerous.



It is the simple project ever because it is easy to install. The night becomes magical when we add patio lights to our deck. It all depends on the setup of lighting. When the sun is setting, the lights look beautiful. I love to get away from the noise of having a big family, sit with a cup of hot chocolate, and relax. The glow is pretty and gives off lighter than you might think. But the question is what view will it give at night. At night, patio lights will make the area look great. People will go to that place because of it. 




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