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Are Solar Christmas Lights Waterproof?

Are Solar Christmas Lights Waterproof?

If you’re a person that uses solar Christmas lights to decorate your porch, fence, trees in the front yard, or if you’re planning to, you might have some concerns. One of these concerns might include “Are solar Christmas lights waterproof?” this question is quite common.

Manufacturers make solar Christmas lights in a way that it’s suitable for any temperature. And also, solar lights can remain on even during winter or rain. But are solar Christmas lights waterproof? The answer to this is yes!

But in some situations, this may not be the case. And if it's not waterproof, this can cause damage to the lights or even be hazardous to you. Therefore, to help you understand better, we will focus on waterproof solar Christmas lights and what you should know about them.

Solar Christmas lights and extreme weather

Solar panel technology is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Because of this, it is not surprising that many people are looking to learn how exactly this technology works. Considering the different weather conditions and different countries and states people live in, it is understandable why many are concerned if solar Christmas lights can withstand the harsh weather conditions in the area.

Extreme cold

When it comes to solar panels, the weather is not much of a concern. As long as the solar panel receives sufficient sunlight, the lights should function, as usual, converting the sun's energy into electricity.

Surprisingly, solar Christmas lights perform better when the weather is cold because of the nature of the exchange of energy that is going on in a solar panel. According to research, with every degree of increase in the temperature, the efficiency of a solar panel decreases by 0.05%. It indicates that with every drop in the temperature, the efficiency of a solar panel increases by 0.05%

 because the increase in voltage is higher than the decrease in current that comes with cold weather.

Rain and snow

Initially, solar Christmas lights were made for you to use outdoors. Because of this, they are specifically designed in such a way that it is water-resistant. It means it won’t be affected by snow or rain.

However, something you should keep in mind is that solar-powered Christmas lights can resist water. But if it is soaked underwater, it will damage the lights. It is the same case during a flood. So in such situations, make sure to take your solar Christmas lights inside and store them in a safe space.

When it rains, it is also helpful for solar Christmas lights as it helps to wash off grime and dirt that have developed on the panels with time. And also, when snow develops on top of the panels, this blocks it from receiving solar energy, but usually, this is not a long-term problem that you should worry about.

In addition, a common concern for many people is if solar Christmas lights will continue to stay on even when it is raining? Even though many people believe that heavy rainfall works as a barrier for solar lights to collect the sun’s energy, it does not stop solar panels from charging and outputting electricity. If there is a moderate amount of light in the sky, the solar Christmas lights will work. But keep in mind, during this time they are not very efficient.

As you may know, visible light can still pass through clouds and rain. And it will help the solar panels to charge. Despite this, clear skies are the most suitable weather condition to help your solar-powered lights to work efficiently. But cloudy skies are not huge barriers as well.

Nevertheless, you must take every step you can to avoid water damage. So make sure to follow the below points.

  • In case of a flood warning, make sure to remove the lights and turn them off. And until the weather improves, keep them indoors.
  • Relocate the solar Christmas lights to higher ground
  • Use a post to secure the lights and to keep them elevated off of the ground
  • Make sure to remove excess snow from the solar panels

With that said, solar-powered Christmas lights will work just fine when exposed to a regular amount of water. Since we cannot control the weather, it is always best to stay on the safe side. So keep in mind to follow the above tips to ensure the lifespan of your solar lights.

Are all solar Christmas lights waterproof?

As we mentioned before, solar Christmas lights are suitable for any weather condition, including rain. However, this is not the case for some models. Some types are made with glass. Due to this, you should avoid leaving these types outside during heavy rain and winter.

Leaving them outside during extreme storms and windstorms is also not safe. It is because the glass can get damaged and expose the internal parts to water. However, if you live in an area that is always raining or snowing, it is always best to purchase waterproof solar Christmas lights. They are usually slightly expensive but work well even during heavy storms, so they are worth the price.

How to fix water damaged solar lights

In a case where your solar Christmas lights get damaged due to water, it is not the end. Even though the life span might be short and the batteries damaged, there are steps you can take to fix them.

The first thing you should keep in mind; whenever solar Christmas lights are water damaged, disassemble the lights; (sometimes this is not possible). After the insides of the light are visible, follow the below steps.

  • Using a clean, dry cloth gently, wipe it to remove any excess water inside the lights.
  • Next, you should remove the batteries and wipe them and remove any excess water.
  • For three days, make sure to store the solar Christmas lights indoors in an environment free of moisture for at least three days.
  • After three days, check if the batteries are fully dry. If yes, carefully reinsert the batteries or, you can even replace the batteries with new ones. To reassemble the lights, you can refer to the instructions that come with the package.
  • Always make sure to closely follow the above steps on; how you can prepare your lights to use them again.

The above steps are the best chance you have at getting your water-damaged solar-powered Christmas lights to work again. Even though this method will help fix your solar lights, keep in mind that after it is water damaged, the efficiency and lifespan of the lights will reduce.


Said in short, the answer to the question “Are solar Christmas lights waterproof?" is Yes. But as mentioned before, this is not the case with every brand. Some solar Christmas lights are made with glass making them unsuitable to be kept out during harsh weather such as storms. But the good news is in case your solar lights get water damaged, get them working again by simply following the above steps. So yes, waterproof solar lights are very convenient.

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