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Are Solar Christmas Lights Safe?

Are Solar Christmas Lights Safe?

With every year, complaints of electrical incidents are increasing. And most of it includes decorative lights. With that many people question if this is the same case with solar Christmas lights. Being safe and taking precautions is quite important, especially if you have kids. So, are solar Christmas lights safe?  Let’s take a look.

As you may know, solar Christmas lights use sunlight to convert the sun’s rays into electrical current. This is then used to charge its battery and power the lights. So are solar Christmas lights safe?  Yes! Because of this ,it is very safe compared to other lights.

Now that you know this, you might be wondering if this is the only reason why solar lights are safe.  To answer this, below are some points that will help you understand it better.

Top 3 reasons why solar Christmas lights are the safest option

No cords

When it comes to solar Christmas lights the last thing you should worry about is messy extension cords. Electric cables often need to be secured, tucked away, and protected from the elements so that they aren’t a hazard. But solar lights come with a battery that can be recharged and it avoids unnecessary wirings and extension cords. This helps to avoid electric shocks and anyone from tripping over by accidentally stepping on it.

No emissions

As you may know, when electric lighting is drawn from the main power supply, it results in large volumes of emissions which can sometimes be harmful. But this is not the case with Christmas solar lights. Because the batteries are recharged solely on solar power, the lights help to avoid any harmful emissions.



Very low fire risk

As commonly seen, most Christmas lights tend to have a high fire risk. This is because of the extra plugs in sockets thus more electricity being drawn down. Due to this one small failure is what it requires to ignite a spark. But this is not the case with solar Christmas lights. As mentioned before, this type of light operates solely based on battery power that is rechargeable. This avoids the need to plug it into electrical sockets. So ignition of sparks is highly unlikely.

Safety check for solar Christmas lights

In order to further clear your doubts on the question “Are solar Christmas lights safe?” we will look into some commonly asked questions by users.

Are our solar Christmas lights at risk of overheating?

The answer to this depends on the type of bulb that is inside the Christmas lights. But in general, solar Christmas lights generate a moderate amount of heat. But this alone is not a fire hazard since it won’t get hot as much as a light bulb inside your house.

The light bulb in solar Christmas lights is not what overheats but it’s the battery that does. If a fire takes place it’s highly unlikely that it’s because of overheating of the bulbs. But yes fires due to overheating of the batteries are possible.

Can Solar Christmas lights catch fire?

Solar-powered light gets its energy from small solar panels that charge the batteries. Due to this, there is a small risk of fire but the good news is the fire risk is extremely low in comparison to other types of lights. This small percentage of risk is mainly when lithium-ion batteries are used in the solar Christmas lights. This is mainly because of the lithium salts and highly reactive materials used in its construction.

But you can avoid this by simply focusing on the quality of the lights you buy. Cheap lighting is a result of cheap labor and cheap materials. Certain materials used in high-quality solar Christmas lights have built in safety controllers that help to regulate the amount of charge which in return helps to avoid fires. But cheap products tend to skimp on these safety controls. So if you want to ensure 100% safety, make sure to only buy high-quality solar Christmas lights.

Can Solar Christmas lights electrocute you?

You might be a person that likes to have solar Christmas lights especially around the patio or even near your swimming pool. But I’m sure you might have at least given a bit of thought to the possibilities of getting electrocuted.

So, can you get electrocuted by solar Christmas lights? No! There is very low or no risk of getting electrocuted by such lights. This is because almost every solar Christmas light is weatherproof. However, despite the fact that solar Christmas lights cannot electrocute you, always make sure to take precautions.

Is it Safe to leave solar Christmas lights on all night?

As much as how beautiful solar Christmas lights are, there might have been times where you wondered if it’s safe to leave them on all night. The answer to this is yes, it is safe to leave it on. But the only disadvantage of doing this is, it will shorten the lifespan of the lights.

So the best option is to disconnect them before you go to bed or before you leave home for an extended period of time. Other than that, leaving the solar Christmas lights on overnight is not a risk for your safety.

Safety precautions for solar Christmas lights

Even though solar Christmas lights are the safest option out there today, it is always best to take precautions to avoid any “what ifs?” so in order to ensure your safety, make sure to strictly follow the below points.

Avoid buying cheap

Nowadays, manufacturers and retailers are in a constant battle to compete by cheapening the products they sell. But something you might not have noticed is that cheap prices often lead to cheap manufactures.

Even though solar Christmas lights are the safest option that is out there today, a danger does arise when cheap materials are used to manufacture them. By this I mean it can lead to the lights catching fire, risk of over-heating of batteries etc.

But the good news is you can completely avoid all this by simply purchasing lights that are high in quality. But always keep in mind expensive doesn’t always indicate that it’s high quality. To ensure this you can check the packaging, online reviews of previous buyers, purchase from a reputable retailer, do a small research on the internet for branded lights etc. Simply said, avoid buying cheap and your safety will be assured.

Place the solar Christmas lights in a safe space

As I mentioned before, solar lights catching fire is unlikely. But to take precautions make sure to place the lights in a safe space. For example, let’s say you placed it in the middle of your garden which is a safe distance from your house. If a fire does break out, you will only risk losing the light itself and maybe a nearby tree. But if you place it on a wooden fence that is attached to your house it is a much greater risk.

So always be mindful where you place the solar Christmas lights and you can avoid a lot of danger.

Preventative maintenance

If you have not heard of this term before, preventative maintenance is as simple as walking in your yard where you have placed the solar Christmas lights. Afterward, you must have a close look at the wires and the bulbs.

Keep an eye out for exposed wires, cracks, and gouges. If you notice any of these make sure to replace the lights immediately. But before you touch any exposed wires, keep in mind that even though the risk of electrocution is low there is still a possibility for a small shock. So handle it with care.

How to put out fires due to solar Christmas lights

As much as how unlikely this is, it is always best to take precautions. One of the best methods you can do is by having a stand-by fire extinguisher. If you have a shed you can keep one there too.

But if you have difficulty in purchasing one you can use water through a hose or a bucket, juice, milk or bottles of soda will do the trick.  No matter what you use make sure to completely soak the lights that are on fire as well as the surrounding area.


Said in short, the answer to the question “Are solar Christmas lights safe?” is yes! Solar Christmas lights are one of the safest options that are out there today. Even though it poses a small risk in certain areas, the risks tend to be quite low in comparison to other types of Christmas lights. But you can simply avoid such risks as well by simply taking the precautions I mentioned above. With that solar Christmas lights are very safe to use.

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