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What led strip lights should I get?

What led strip lights should I get?

LED Strip lights are gaining popularity for household illumination. You've probably heard the arguments for LEDs over incandescent and even halogen bulbs: they're more efficient, brighter, last longer, emit less heat, are easily controlled and programmed, etc. 

LED strip lighting is a common and economical alternative for business and residential lighting. Buying LED strip lights may appear simple, but there are numerous factors to consider to ensure you receive the perfect light for your needs. Continue reading to learn about LED light strips.

LED Strips is a general term for all LED strip lights. One variety is preferred depending on the use. For example, waterproof IP65 LED flex strips are better suited for outdoor and wet applications. Because several of these categories include multiple types of LED Strip Lights, this article will detail later.

  • DC LED Flex Strips
  • AC LED Flex Strips
  • Rope Light with Encased Omni-Directional LEDs
  • High Output LED Strips



When choosing LED strips, consider the LEDs per length. Use LED strips with the most LEDs per foot (Meter, Yard, etc.) Various producers use different units to promote it. That way, you can see which strips have the most LEDs per unit. Notably, this does not determine brightness or light quality. If you use a dimmable LED rope light, always check the LEDs' brightness.



LED Strips

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming brighter. This doesn't mean every strip will be bright; in fact, you might not want that. One example is shelf lighting.

Lumens are LED units. Your application will dictate the number of lumens required. For accent lighting, you usually don't need more than 200 Lumens per foot, but for other uses, it's up to you. 


LED Strip Colors

Our LED strip lights are available in single and multi-color (RGB). These are our basic one-color LED strips. Their color ranges from warm to neutral to chilly and red to ultraviolet (UV).

RGB strips change colors. These LEDs can show any red-green-blue color scheme. A controller is required to change colors or stay solid. 



Color temperature distinguishes white LED colors. Temperature defines warmth and coldness. Higher Kelvin temps represent cool colors.


LED Strip Light Setup

Consider how light strips will be installed and arranged when ordering them. Install DC LED Flex Strips on a clean surface. Putting up, cutting, and wiring strips together might be tricky.  




LED Strip Wattage

Knowing the wattage of your LED strips is very important. First, determine the system's wattage. With LED Supply, you can easily calculate your total wattage once you know how many linear feet you have. Finding total wattage will help you choose a suitable power supply and how much electricity your new setup would consume.

Find a power supply once you have the total wattage. Except for our Plug & Play strips, you will require a power supply (AC5050 Strips and LED Rope Light). Plug and play strips include a power cord with a switching transformer, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

The first step in finding a power supply is determining the LED Strips' input voltage. LED Supply offers plug-in, 12V, and 24VDC powered strips. Find a power supply with the output your strip requires. Second, make sure the power supply's wattage is at least 10% higher than the LED strips' wattage. And if your power supply doesn't have a wattage stated. Then keep in mind that: Output Voltage x Amperage = Wattage.


Buying LED Strips at LED Supply

Now that we've covered the basics of buying LED strip lights let's look at the ones we sell. I'll go through each strip in detail to help you choose the ideal one for your project. This is the most important part of this article, as it will help you pick the perfect strips for your project and provide all the information you need to set them up.





DC LED Flex Strips

Most popular for home lighting DIY projects and renovations are these 12-volt flexible LED strip lights. Like you, thousands of customers and contractors rely on these lights for tasks and accent lighting.

For ease of installation, the strips have a 3M double-sided adhesive. Second, they have a 10mm wide and 3mm high profile! They are best suited for small spaces. A full reel of 16.4 ft (5 meters) of the strips is available in 3-foot increments, with cut lines along the strip for more precise cutting.

12VDC is required for the strips. Simple setup with low voltage lighting. Instead of using the AC line voltage, you can now use batteries to power your wires and connections! When powering at home, use a 12VDC power supply or transformer with enough wattage for your strip length.

It comes in two styles. IP65 waterproof LED strips are great for indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to a thin silicon layer on top of the flexible strip, these LEDs are weatherproof. Outdoor lighting, pool/patio lighting, bathroom lighting, and under-cabinet lighting are all recommended waterproof applications.

Flex strips are available in IP20, which lacks the protective silicone layer of the IP65 versions. For areas where water or dust will not damage the strip or components.


LED Flex Strips

Our 5050 SMD LED Strip Lights are also available in AC. They are 9/16′′ wide and 1/4′′ tall, which is wider than the DC strips. The 20 LEDs per foot give out 180 Lumens, so the size increase isn't necessary. What's best? You buy the length you want, plug it in, and they're ready!

The 5050 styles can also be cut every 18 inches and run for up to 150 feet! With this method, you can run longer lengths without breaks and even cut the strip to fit! With a stripe-to-strip jumper, you can easily fill in any gaps in your application.

Because they don't have an adhesive backing, they aren't as easy to mount as DC flex strips are. Mounting them to the surface is easy with the mounting clips (1 per 3 feet). The 3-foot mounting tracks are ideal for those who do not want to deal with clips or who need a very tight, straight application.

AC LED strips are recommended for longer runs (75′ and up). In addition, they can be powered directly from 110-120AC line voltage, eliminating the need for additional power supplies and dimmers. See our AC5050 Review for more information.


LED Rope Light

The next type of linear LED is the LED rope light, which is different from flex strip lighting. Unlike the flat ribbon-like flex strips, this LED Rope light is enclosed in a 1/2" round, rubbery plastic. In addition to being waterproof, the rope light has Omni-directional LEDs. For example, unlike LED Flex Strips, which only emit light from the top, these LED Rope Lights emit light from the bottom up. For a nice touch to your outside deck, patio, garden, etc., the Rope Light is perfect for dim accent lighting.

Like AC LED Flex Strips, this LED Rope Light can be powered by 120V AC. .77 watts per foot, no heat, no power. - Warm white, cool white, and blue LED rope lights.

There is an inch between each LED on the rope. With 6.3 lumens/foot for cool white and 5.5 lumens/foot for warm white, the output is significantly lower than other linear options. 3-9-15-30 75 105 150 ft. They can be connected with jumpers just like the AC LED Flex Strips but can reach 150 feet. We include a clip with every 3 feet of rope light purchase. It is not meant to be a continuous, smooth light. However, the light is not strong enough to illuminate a room independently.


 High Output LED Strips

Our last three strips are bright LED strips. They are more rigid than the flex strips and rope lights above and have mid-high power surface mount LEDs on them.


The Duo Strip

When building your own LED linear fixture, this is the light engine to start with. A 24V input is required to drive the LEDs safely. Approximately 8 Watts per 1-foot Duo Strip!

For design flexibility, the Duo can be segmented. Approximately every 3 inches is a dashed cut line indicating where it can be cut with a circuit board cutter (paper cutters also work) or shears.

They can be connected up to 8 feet long, whether cut short or full. The same power source can power up to 8 full Duo strips. Make sure the total length of the LED strips is not more than 8 feet.

From 2700K to 6500K, the Duo is available in various color temperatures. The Duo has red, yellow, green, and blue for your color needs.

Surprisingly, the Duo includes horticulture LEDs. Available in 3000K and 5000K Nichia 757 Horticulture options. Its wide output spectrum makes it ideal for growing.

This Rope Light has a rated lifetime of 60,000 hours for whites and 100,000 hours for colored lights. They are long-lasting and add a nice touch. Use them to draw attention to a particular area of your home or garden without using bright lights. See how they're typically used in the images above.



In conclusion, we infer that purchasing LED strip lights does not have to be difficult if you know what type of lighting you need. When purchasing LED strips, the key is first to understand your application and area constraints, followed by an understanding of your installation options, power requirements, and color options.



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