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What Hooks To Use To Hang Edison Style Bulbs?

What Hooks To Use To Hang Edison Style Bulbs?

An excellent outdoor lighting system is essential for many areas of your home, including the backyard. Using Edison lights, such as Edison are used, to illuminate a deck or patio is one of the most straightforward illumination methods. In the article, we will discuss five types of hooks that can be used to hang Edison lights.


How can you ensure that these lights remain illuminated when the weather is less than ideal?

Many different hooks can be used to hang Edison lights, and each one has its own set of advantages. In addition, I have some suggestions and pointers for you to consider. String lights that can be used outside are an excellent place to begin your illumination project. They should be able to withstand any weather conditions, including rain and wind!

Consider some of the most effective ways to hang string lights outside and which hooks you should purchase for your next project!



What is the most effective method of hanging string lights?


Everything can be done in a good or bad way, depending on your perspective. The following instructions will teach you how to hang Edison lights most effectively. One of the most important things you can do before attempting to turn your lights is to purchase some tape—a couple of Q hooks.


People who use these simple hooks or hangers don't have to worry about their belongings falling off their shoulders. To hang things on them without worrying about them falling off, they are round and have some closure. As a result, Q hooks are an excellent choice for securing string lights.


Use an outdoor-grade Q hook that screws into a wooden post or tree if you want to hang things. It is best to screw string lights into wood because it is the most secure method. Alternatives to screwing in a hook include adhesives, siding clips, and clips to hold the hook in place. However, they are not as durable as screws.


Screwing Q hooks into wood is a good idea, but not everyone can do so. If you do not live near wooden posts or trees, you may not be able to use them to hang Edison lights. Let's take a look at some innovative approaches to accomplishing this.




what to do if you do not have wood posts or tree

Does it bother you that you'll have to screw hooks into the siding of your house? Installing adhesive hooks on your wall or siding hooks can make hanging lights from your siding or trim easier. However, things become a little more complicated. You may need to add one or two additional hooks near your home, as there aren't many available locations.


There aren't any posts or trees to tie your rope to. You can use a planter pot and some inexpensive deck posts to assist you. Then you'll need to get some concrete mix. When placing the post in the pot, make sure it is level with the surrounding ground surface. Then pour the concrete into the pot after it has been thoroughly mixed.


Another piece of wood can then be used for support while the concrete dries to keep it from falling over. In other words, you now have a wooden post that you can move around and use to hang your outdoor lights from. Make certain that it is sturdy enough not to topple over in the wind. You can even turn them into miniature planters and fill them with the plants of your choice. Even though it may be much work, make your lights look good.


There are five top-notch hooks for draping string lights outside.


If you want to hang your string lights outside, you'll still need hooks. Five different things you could try if you have much outdoor space are listed below. Before you go shopping for string lights, you should consider how much weight they will be able to support. Apart from that, let's get this party started!


BEHENO is the manufacturer of the hooks.


What is the most effective way to hang your Edison lights? Please use these Q-hooks from BEHENO because they are sturdy yet inexpensive and straightforward to use and install. I believe that this set is the most effective way to turn on your lights.

They are available in packs of eight, twenty, forty, or forty-eight and should assist you in correctly positioning your outdoor lights. These Q-hooks are constructed of rust-resistant steel. They have a weight capacity of up to 40 pounds. That should be sufficient weight for the majority of string light sets.

These hooks are windproof, pet-proof, and weatherproof means you won't have to worry about your lights falling over during a storm. For starters, because they are constructed of durable materials, they will not rust or accumulate other contaminants that are harmful to your health.




Command Outdoor Light Clips


We can assist you in locating an outdoor lighting system that does not require the use of screws. This set includes 20 white Command outdoor light clips and 24 small Command water-resistant strips in a handy carrying case. They might be clear about what you're looking for. They have a maximum capacity of less than half a pound each.

Do not use these to screw anything into your siding or home's structure if you are afraid. They can be of assistance in a pinch. However, I do not believe they are suitable for heavy rain or bad weather use. They're simple to use, but they'll never be as strong as a screw-in hook because of their design.

It is a welcome convenience that command strips don't leave any residue on the surface they're applied to. They frequently come cleanly and quickly off as well. I believe that these lightweight hooks will easily accommodate string lights, but only for a brief time. It's great for indoor and outdoor use, as well as parties!



Naceture Vinyl Siding Hooks, 

The third item is a set of Naceture Vinyl Siding Hooks, which can be used to hang items from the siding. If you don't want to drill or screw anything into your vinyl siding, this is the solution to your problem. Hooks for Vinyl Siding by Naceture Hangers are simple to erect, but each hook can support approximately 18 pounds. While it's less than the Q-hooks, it's significantly more than the Command hooks!


These hangers have been designed to be gentle on your siding, critical for many people. With these, no screws or holes will need to be drilled or screwed into your vinyl siding. They're designed to be installed in between the vinyl siding panels.


This 20-pack of hooks should be sufficient for the majority of string lights. This should be sufficient, as the lights can only support a limited weight. These hooks may be best friends because scratched vinyl is notoriously difficult to repair. They are said to be simple to install, and numerous reviews indicate that they can support more weight than the manufacturer claims.


Brick Hooks with Clips (optional).


Are you looking for a way to change the appearance of the brick in your house? You should take a look at Booda's Brick Hooks Clips. This 24-pack of hooks should suffice for your light string project. They have a capacity of approximately 30 pounds each, or even more.


These may appear magical at first glance, but that is only because they are effective on a minimal number of items. The screws for these do not need to be driven into the surface of your brickwork. Instead, they are intended to grip the brick's edges on the outside rather than the inside. Individuals frequently encounter difficulties because their bricks are not compatible with these hook-ups. This is one of the reasons why so many people dislike them. Alternatively, they might be a good fit for your home!


The most critical aspect of these hooks is that your bricks must be at least 1/8th inch away from the mortar. As long as the brick can be grasped, it will remain in its place. Additionally, you should be aware of the hook's strength once embedded in the brick. If you're not sure, add more hooks to the mix.


Curtain clips made of stainless steel are number five on the list.


As long as you don't have abundant space for numerous lights, these may work for you.


All that is required to use these lights is to secure them to pre-existing structures. They are equipped with hooks for hanging lights. Due to the small size of the hook, these are not suitable for LED rope lights.


Examine the lights to determine whether they are suitable for hanging on an umbrella or outside. Numerous reports indicate that they can withstand wind storms, so that you might have luck with them!



We concluded that adding a few Edison lights to your patio or deck can make it feel like a special place. Finding a dependable hook or method of hanging these lights may prove difficult at first, but you can create something beautiful on any budget with patience and perseverance!






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