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How to hang up string lights in the bedroom?

How to hang up string lights in the bedroom?

The modern world is full of people who want to decorate their bedroom stylish and fun way. Each person has their own space in the house, but they also want the place to be inviting and friendly. Indeed, this is why many people use string lights.

In our bedroom, we use string lights in many different ways to make it look nice. Among other things, we can hang them from the ceiling or put them on the walls. We can also use them to make a border around our bed or make a path to our bed more visible at night. This post can discuss different ways to hang string lights in the bedroom.


What are the most effective ways to decorate with string lights in our bedroom?

A variety of string lights are available for use in our bedroom, each with its unique look. LED lights, fairy lights, and even bright stars are available for buy. Also available are white and colored lights, the latter being the more common option.

Lighting up our bedroom with string lights is a great way to personalize our space. They will also make it feel more like home. They are also a wonderful way to unwind after a long day at the office. Suppose we want a creative way to incorporate string lights into our bedroom decor. We must consider the following ideas!

A variety of string lights are available in the market for bedrooms. Each light has its unique style and look. LED lights, fairy lights, and even bright stars are available in the market. We also have white and colored lights with better options. If we still have confusion, visit our website and get out of it.


To light up our bedroom is the best way to make it perfect. It is an excellent method to personalize our space. Moreover, it makes it feel like a home. They are also a wonderful way to unwind after a long day at the office. So, if we want to make our bedroom amazing, consider these ways.


To the Edge of the Wall

We can put them on the edge of our wall with string lights. A single edge behind the bed shows colorful string lights to a small mirror in the middle. There is one extra thing we can do. We can skip this step and hang string lights around the edge of the wall.

Also, we can hang the string lights this way anywhere else, not above our bed. It's a great way to decorate a blank wall with lights, and it's cheaper than making a wall that stands out. As a bonus, it's fun to look at, looks good, and makes us feel good.





Simple Headboard with Lights 

We can make our bedroom look nice by adding a simple headboard with lights. To show us what I mean, look at the image below. We can fill the headboard with red lights that give the room a soft and romantic glow. Lights in this style make us feel calm and help us relax after a long day at work.

To make a headboard with string light for our bedroom, make sure there is enough space behind our bed. LED lights or fairy lights are also important because they don't get hot when they're turned on for a long time.



LED Vine Hanging Lights for Bedroom 


This is another type of string light that we can use in our bedroom. We can also use LED vine hanging lights for our bedrooms. 

This set of small lights looks like a grapevine. They come in green, too. Stick them to the sides of our wall, and we can overlap them if we need to. They will look like real vines in a garden when they are stuck.

They also work well in rooms with a jungle theme or look like a forest with trees. These bedroom themes allow people to add more items to their bedrooms. Moreover, it makes them look more like they are real.

As a bonus, these LED vine hanging lights for our bedroom add a little green to our space. Because the greenery makes the room look livelier, it works well with natural wood.





Room Decor Lights with Hanging Photos

If we want our bedroom to look cozy and pretty, decor lights with hanging photos. They are the best way to make it look more beautiful. If we want a shabby chic look, these string lights are perfect. They come with small clear bulbs that are great for that. As a bonus, they can also hold photos between the light strings.

To set up these lights, we'll need to find many pictures that we like to use. After that, punch holes in the top edge of each one with a hole punch. Then, feed the string lights through the hole so that the photo is visible on the front side of the picture frame.

To hang them around our bedroom, do what makes us happy. We can use a free wall instead of behind the bed if this isn't a good place for us.


Decor lights with photos hung from them are a great way to personalize our bedroom. This is especially true if we enjoy meeting new people and having a large circle of close friends.

This could be a way to show off pictures of our family and us or our partner. Besides that, they're also very pretty and unique, and they can change the mood of any room in a few minutes.




White String Lights in a Tent for Kid

If we want to make our kids' bedroom more fun and festive, use white string lights to do it. When we put a tent in a child's room, these lights are great for setting the right mood.

We can buy a cheap tent at any store. If we add string lights to the outside, it will become more sparkle. Or, we can put them inside the tent to make it look like a fairytale while we read it to our kids.

There's nothing better than a tent covered in fairy lights for kids to be around. We can make any bedroom a magical wonderland that our kids will love using this simple trick!




Romantic Bed Canopy with Lights

Choose a bed canopy with lights if we want to spend the night with our partner in a bedroom. It is cozy enough to make our dreams come true. To create a bed canopy, drape a clean sheet over our bed. After that, we can hang a set of string lights from the ceiling.

We can also throw string lights on pillows to make the bed look like a cloud. To watch a movie or read a book together, our partners and we can snuggle under the sheets. This canopy will help us do that.


We can make a bed canopy with lights and simple household items in a few minutes. Everyone can do it, and we don't even have to be experts. We can even change it to fit our style.

In a rose floor-themed bedroom, a light string canopy would look beautiful. Putting rose petals on the ground can also make this setting more beautiful.


In a room without using nails, how do we hang lights?

Our refreshing lighting can transform a room when we're redecorating for the holidays. Of course, we may already have an image of what the finished product will look like. They may be lovely, relaxing, exciting, and inspiring. The thought of hammering heavy tools into walls is all that stands in our way. We have come to the right place if we're wondering how to hang lights in a room without nails.


How will we hang lights in a room without using nails?

We can hang and decorate lights with a little creativity without ever lifting a hammer. We must check out these easy ways to hang lights without nails. They are for the least stressful hanging experience imaginable.


  1. Use adhesive clips

We can deck the halls without nails or stress using damage-free adhesive hooks or clips. We can choose from various adhesive hooks and clips depending on our needs. Some are heavier than others and are particularly useful for wreaths. String lights with large shapes such as candy canes and snowflakes are helpful. Smaller hooks are perfect for fairy lights and other decorations like garlands. Peel, stick, and voila! We're ready to see our space in a whole new way.


  1. Drape on furniture

There's no rule saying we can only hang lights on the walls or ceiling. Draping lights on our furniture can help light up our space without buying more things. Choose a piece of furniture that is strong and near an outlet. Then, grab our lights, and we're ready to go. Decorate bookshelves, coffee tables, nightstands, TV stands, and even the dresser with lights. It's so simple that we may never want to use nails again.


  1. Wrap around banisters

Using string lights to light the way to our kids' room will make the holidays even better. Then we wrap them around our staircase and railings when our kids run upstairs to sleep. Sparkling fairy lights greet them. They will inspire their imagination. With a nearby outlet or extension cord, it's quick to wrap lights around the fence. We can transform our space for seasonal or everyday occasions with our cords.


  1. Use brick and brick clips

Instead of stockings, we can use brick clips to hang rope lights from our fireplace's brick. There is no damage or residue left behind when using these clips on bricks. Each clip has one or two hooks that we can use to hang our lights in a different color. They are adding some extra cheer throughout our home.

Complement our fireplace string lights with the Holiday Port USB Christmas Light. We'll see a happy Santa and a spirited Snowman dancing over our mantel with this light. Plug the light into any USB port, snuggle up by the fireplace, listen to holiday hits, and drink hot cocoa. Our Santa and Snowman will transform our space from cozy to immersed in holiday cheer.


  1. From a curtain rod

Please make the most of everyday household items by using them for many purposes. For example, although we've only used curtain rods to hang curtains. They're perfect for hanging string lights. Wrap the lights around the rod or secure them with a few zip ties. In the same way, we'll have upgraded our cozy nook by the window to a whimsical one.


  1. Transparent tape

Transparent tape can make our string lights appear to be stuck to the wall. To support our lights, use the strongest transparent adhesive tape available. Certain tapes can support up to 15 pounds and are resistant to all types of weather. These tapes make it a breeze to hang lights on our balcony.

When we use tape, only apply it to the wires of our lights, not the bulbs. This way, we don't obscure our lights and dial down the strong impact our lights can have on setting the mood.


  1. Wrap around household objects

When we want to hang lights without using nails in a room, almost everything in the house serves a purpose. We can wrap lights around fences, curtain rods, and furniture. Moreover, we can also wrap them around ordinary household objects. Again, no rule says we must only hang lights on the wall! Let our imagination run wild.


  1. Staples

Suppose we want to hang lights without nails because we don't want to hammer the walls. We don't care about making small, nail-sized holes in the wall. Those may be easier to patch and are less noticeable than a nail. Stapling our string lights to the wall is a viable option in this case. It's a simple procedure that causes little damage to our walls. Additionally, the majority of staples will blend in with our wires. They will not interfere with our transportive lighting.


  1. Pushpins

We know that pile of pushpins we've somehow gathered in a junk drawer over the years but don't use? There is no better way to use them than with nail-free lighting! Though tiny, pushpins are mighty. We can use them between the twisted wires of fairy lights and string lights. They aren't heavy enough to yank on a pushpin.

Pushpins come in plenty of styles – brass, colored, plastic, clear, fun shapes, we name it. Yet, they make small holes in the walls. These holes aren't very noticeable at all. These ways are easier to patch up than with nails. We can leave our lights on throughout the year or change them to correspond with each holiday.


  1. Adhesive putty

Sticky substances like Blu Tack are reusable adhesives. They support small items without leaving any holes in the wall. Fairy lights and other lightweight items are ideal for this. Press the wire or LED bulbs themselves into the putty at spaced intervals to use it. 

Once we push the putty on the wall, turn on our lights. We'll transform our room into a beautiful space. In this process, we transform our minds into something altogether calmer.

  1. Wire suckers

Make sure there aren't any windows in the way of hanging long strings of lights. We can use suction cups to attach lights to windows for any event. Set our red and green LED lights up to greet our friends. We can swap them out for heart-shaped lights for Valentine's Day.


  1. Galaxy projectors

String and fairy lights aren't the only way to hang lights in a room without nails. It can also cover 900 square feet of wall or ceiling with a galaxy projector less than 10 feet away. This amount of coverage is more than light – it's a way to immerse our room in incomparable sights and colors.

Case in point: the Sky Lite 2.0. It can brighten any holiday, celebration, or night with stars and nebula clouds. They mentally transport us far beyond this planet. Control the colors, patterns, and effects with a single tap on our phone screen. Then, please sit back, relax, and let our lighting take us miles away without nails and hammers.




We can conclude this post in these words. We can hang string lights in our bedroom in different ways and styles. We will select the style that best suits our needs. We can install some string lights with nails and some without nails. We can change configurations and moods without nails or hammers. We may even want to move our lights from one room to another. We can take our lights throughout our home without the hassle by visiting our website. Transform our bedroom galaxy into a starry-sky living room the next night. 





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