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How to clean solar yard lights?

How to clean solar yard lights?

how to clean solar yard lights is important. as We all know why solar lights have gained popularity in the modern era. There are many reasons, but the most important is that they are safe. People choose them for different reasons. When selecting these lights, you don't need extension cords or replace batteries. It is because they recharge on their own. Even though solar lights are waterproof, they still demand maintenance after a while. Proper care will increase the life of solar lights. 

Heavy rain, storms, and high snowfall will affect outdoor lights. They will reduce the performance of your solar yard lights. We face such situations when we do not clean the solar yard lights.  As a result, your lights will get enough sunlight and perform better. 


Why is there a need to clean the surface of the solar yard lights?

It is a fact that solar outdoor lights are waterproof and long-lasting. It does not negate their versatility. But if you want them to work well, they do need care and maintenance from time to time. One of the most important things you need to work on is the solar panel.




Keep in mind that if you let your solar panels get so dirty, it's not the manufacturer's fault. Since there isn't enough light, they can't charge the batteries. Because of this, you won't be able to use the warranty on the product.

Also, if the solar panels don't get enough sunlight, they won't be able to charge the batteries enough. It means your lights will stop working after only an hour or two of being on at night. Every month or so, you should clean the dust off your solar garden lights.




What are easy steps that will clean the outdoor solar lights?

The first thing you need to do is to clean the solar panels and light fixtures. Cleaning the solar panels will increase the efficiency of solar lights. The very first thing is to select the right tools for maintenance. Please watch this video before cleaning the solar yard lights. 


Choose the right tools to clean solar yard lights. 

Everything needs proper installation. It is only possible when you choose the accurate devices or tools. The correct tools will work to clean the solar lights without damaging them. For this process, you will need some items used in your house. Finish this step in the morning or when the solar panels are at their lowest temperature. In this way, you can complete your solar cleaning without any trouble. 

Following are the household items that we need while cleaning. 

  • Gloves


  • Wash-cloth


  • Soft Bristle Brush


  • Water and Mild Detergent


  • Light Vinegar


  • Absorbent Towels



How will you remove dirt from the surface of solar garden lights?

Solar garden lights made of plastic are great to add to your property. When they are always outside, they can get dirty, yellow, and faded. You can clean cloudy solar lights by doing a few easy maintenance steps. Clean the panel and bulb often with soap and water so that dirt doesn't build up and stop the light from working. To make the panel shine again, spray a layer of lacquer on it. 


Suppose your light isn't working right but is clean. Then, there is a possibility that your battery's terminals have corroded. To keep the light at its best, wipe the corroded parts of solar batteries with vinegar and a brush.


Step 1: Clean the panels and bulbs.

Use a damp cloth to clean the panel and bulb of loose dirt. If dirt or dust gets on the light, it won't work. Wet a cloth or paper towel a little bit. Then rub the panel to get rid of any loose dirt or dust. 

If you clean your panels once a month, this might be enough to get them clean. Before wiping the bulb, wring out the cloth or sponge. If water drips into the panel, it could hurt the electronics.

Always check with the company that made your lights to see how to clean them. There may be different ways to clean other things.


Step 2 Use dish soap and water to clean stuck-on dirt.

If the first wipe-down doesn't get all the dirt off the panel, you need to give it a more careful cleaning. Put a drop of dish soap on a wet cloth or sponge. Then clean the panel's surface until there is no more dirt on it. Don't use the rough side of a sponge for this job. There is a chance that your panel could get scratched.


Step 3: Use a clean, damp towel to clean the panel.

Soap scum that is still there will bring more dirt, clouding the panel again. Put some water on a clean cloth or piece of paper towel. Then, please use a paper towel to clean the lights. we  should perform it until there is no more soap left.

You might need to wet the cloth again to remove the soap. You can also use panels under the faucet. But it would be best if you took care to prevent water from entering the light's electronics. These are inside the light globe and under the panel. Keep the water on it and away from the bottom using a deflecting device.


Step 4: Clean this way every two to three months for best results.

Outdoor lights get dusty and dirty, so clean them often to keep them from getting dirty. They work well on average if you maintain them well every two to three months.

This schedule is adaptable to fit your needs, regardless of where you are. When it's wet, you don't have to clean the lights as often. They might need cleaning once a month if they are in a dry, dusty place. Keep an eye on your lights and clean them when they have a layer of dust on them.


Step 5: Place tape over the plastic part of the light.

It keeps the plastic part from getting broken or stained. Use painting tape to make a line around the edge of the panel. After that, use tape to wrap the rest of the plastic piece. 

You can find painting tape at hardware stores. You can also use masking tape in this step.

Don't use tape like duct or packing tape, which is very sticky. It will be hard to get off and leave behind a sticky residue.


Step 6: Use soap and water to clean the panel and remove any dirt or dust.

Ensure that the panel is spotless. So that nothing gets trapped under the lacquer and hinders your light. Add a drop of dish soap to a wet sponge. Scrub the panel to get rid of any dirt on it. Then, wipe away any suds with a clean, damp cloth.



Step 7: To get rid of the fading, spray a layer of lacquer on the panel.

Lacquer is a coating that protects and shines wood. Get it from a hardware store in a spray can. Please give it a good shake and hold it about 6 inches (15 cm) from the panel. Then, to make the panel lighter, spray a thin layer on it. Wait 30 minutes for the lacquer to dry, then remove the tape.

Don't put on more than one coat unless the panel still looks faded. If so, spray a second layer and wait 30 minutes for it to dry.

Don't use a kind of varnish that you have to brush on. It won't be thin enough. Keep moving the spray can. Don't let any of the lacquer pool.



Step 8: Get Rid of Battery Corrosion

If you see rust on the battery, take it out. Corrosion looks like white sand built up on the battery and terminals. If you look in the battery compartment and see rust, put on your gloves first. Then, take the batteries out. Please don't throw them away, because cleaning them might make them work again.

Goggles are also a good idea when working with corroded batteries. There is a chance that the leftovers will splash up.

If you use alkaline batteries, you should get rid of them. After cleaning the terminals, you should replace them with solar batteries.


Step 9: Add a drop of vinegar to the rusty spots.

You can stop the rust and get rid of it by using vinegar. Use it to fix any spots on the battery or terminals that have rusted. Wait a minute for the vinegar to soak in.

Don't get rid of the vinegar. It could cause the electronics to get wet. It is best to use vinegar in small amounts.

If you're worried about pouring too much vinegar, dip a paper towel into it and rub it on the rust instead.


Step 10: Use a toothbrush to get rid of the rust.

Use a toothbrush with stiff bristles to work on all the rusty spots. Scrub in a circle to help get rid of the gunk. Put on your glasses for this step. As the rust comes off, it could splash out.


Step 11: Use sandpaper with grit if the rust won't come off.

If you can't get the corrosion off with the toothbrush, rub it with 400-grit paper. Again, move in a circle to get rid of the rust. It ought to remove any build-up that is still present.


Step 12: Use rechargeable solar batteries instead of alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries are much more likely to rust than solar-powered rechargeable batteries. If the light relied on alkaline batteries, throw them away. Change them out with solar batteries to stop corrosion from happening again.

Check the instructions with your lights to see what kind of battery they recommend.


Step 13: Install new batteries

Put new batteries in the light and see if it works. After removing the corrosion, you can connect the batteries to the terminals. Try putting new batteries in the solar light to see if it works. If it still doesn't work, you may be using broken lights. And it would be best if you replaced them with new lights.




Dirty solar panels make it harder to turn radiation into electricity. It is because they have less room in their cells to use the sun's power. You can extend the lifespan of your system by cleaning the panels, fixtures, and batteries. With these steps, you can also make your yard look beautiful.

To clean the lights, use a soft towel, a bristle brush, and a solution of soapy water and vinegar. You can remove dirt and make the surface clean.

I will suggest you should start with water and a cloth. If the things you already have aren't making things better, add more. Make sure to wipe off any cleaners to keep the light from getting damaged.




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